New Imprint

Due to the amazing amount of interest we’ve gotten here at Burnt Bridge since our re-launch as a book imprint, we simply cannot put as many great books as we are being sent. So, we’re expanding yet again and will be launching our partner imprint BLASTGUN BOOKS.


Think of it as BURNT BRIDGE, only with lasers.

BLASTGUN will focus more on the Sci-Fi and Urban areas that we are eager to get into, while Burnt Bridge will continue to focus on Western and Rural stories with a dark or twisted edge. We’re betting there are a lot of books out there that are truly great, despite the feedback you writers may have gotten from agencies or the larger, more established publishing network that’s a bit fretful of risk. A network that was skittish of westerns! Westerns, folks!

We proved them wrong with David Oppegaard’s AND THE HILLS OPENED UP. We like risk. We like books that hop genres. We like the books everybody else shied from.

Blow the dust off that thing. We’re coming for you. Click and share the link to let folks know what we’re all about.







Starred Review. Life in the small 1890 Wyoming mining town of Red Earth revolves around plundering the copper seam and the weekly stagecoach that brings payroll from the Dennison mining company. When opening a new section of the mine frees a monster known only as “the Charred Man,” everyone in the town must choose how to make their stand, and who they’ll protect. A feverish foreman, an inexperienced sheriff, a widowed whore, and a kindly outlaw are just some of the engrossing characters in Oppegaard’s page-turner. The narrative is subtle and lovely, contrasting with a creepy, believable monster. The two combine in a story that’s horrific, thrilling, touching, and unflinchingly satisfying to the last page.

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